Wednesday, October 10, 2012

So What!

Ok, I admit it. I use fake pumpkins.

It has always bothered me to use food
for decoration that eventually
ends up in the compost.

I'll admit the displays at the Dallas Arboretum
are stunning.

But, how many pumpkin pies
can this make?

Yes, I use fake pumpkins.

Do the neighbors laugh?
So what!

I have some very fine friends
that give me their pumpkins
when the season is over.
I make and freeze the puree.

Yes, I use fake pumpkins.

Holly Berry and Harriet Beecher seem
to enjoy the autumnal decor.

Besides the last time I carved a pumpkin,
I had disastrous results!


  1. You are funny.
    Looks like Ryan was not having a good day with that pumpkin.

    If I liked pumpkin pie, I'd request that you make one for me with your leftover(not fake)pumpkins.
    I may have to settle for pumpkin pie if I cannot get my rhubarb pie anymore. :o)

  2. i like your fake pumpkin and will take some real pumpkin pie