Sunday, April 14, 2013


Where I live we have 5 seasons - Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter
and Green Stuff.

Yes, we have an entire season of Green Stuff.

 The pollen from all the "new" is everywhere and it seems it never ends. 

But it does - just about the time the heat sets in.

So, if you don't like the cold, can't take the heat and have allergies to pollen, you are pretty much doomed here in the piney woods of east Texas.

And, then there is the lovely green stuff.


  1. Yes... lots of that stuff around...... everywhere.
    I hope that the end of it is near.
    But it is more "yellowish" at our place. :)

  2. (achoo!) & if that is not enough aggravation, just wait for the darn mosquitos! (swat)

  3. hahaha - Yes, an entire season of green stuff! My husband is terribly allergic, so he just walks around miserable. Thankfully, I'm not and I can still go outside and enjoy the warming weather. As for clematis, I always put a rock on top so they can keep their roots cool, and plant them where they get some shade from the west sun. Doesn't everything in Texas need shade from the west sun? (Including gardeners?) ;)