Friday, December 13, 2013

The Porch

I sit on my porch – in my favorite rocker – in the spring and watch the dogwood trees blooming in the forest below.

In summer, I sit there, a glass of iced tea in hand, watching the hummingbirds visit the feeder. In the fall, I arrange a variety of pumpkins and squash up the steps and beside the door. And in winter, glorious winter, you will find me wrapped in one of my grandmother’s quilts swinging in the porch swing.

This past week, when it wasn't raining, the dreary skies blocked the sun. Sometimes I feel discouraged. Even looking out the window at my garden is depressing – the flowers are gone, the plants are brown. I can feel winter creeping into my soul.

As I sit on the porch, I am reminded that nothing lasts forever. Winter, as dark and cold and rainy as it has been, will always be followed by spring and then summer.

Another view
The view from my porch

My front porch is my sanctuary. Sitting there, I am not bothered by the demand and pressures of everyday life. Trouble and stress seem to melt away.

Everyone needs a porch – a sanctuary – where rest and renewal can be found. 

Do you have a sanctuary? 


  1. Thanks for sharing Ann. Front porches make beautiful memories.. I love sitting on mine too.

  2. Porches are comforting, and I am glad I have one...thanks for the reminder!

  3. I, too, feel a bit depressed looking at the gray skies above. But we're supposed to get sunshine again soon! And sitting on the porch would be a wonderful way to enjoy the seasons. I have a porch, but I rarely sit there. I need to do like you and make it my sanctuary.

  4. The Porch.........many many memories of different porches........grandmas, ours in dallas, ours's not that serene here.......cause my little do is always stirring up dirt.........but it is always joyous!

  5. Ann, this is just lovely! Eva

  6. Yes, thank goodness I do. I do have a little porch too, but I don't often sit on it. Must rethink that.~~Dee